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SEAP  Approved Products SEAP

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Filing cabinets

SEAP class 4

Document cabinets & cupboards

SEAP class 4

Fireproof data cabinets

SEAP class 3

Fireproof safes

SEAP class 3

42U 19" Rack Computer cabinets

SEAP class 3

Custom 19" Rack Computer cabinets

SEAP class 3

Key box

SEAP class 4

Document box

SEAP class 2

Tower CPU cabinet

SEAP class 3

Desktop CPU cabinet

SEAP class 3



Safetyworks GB Limited,   PO Box 753, Aylesbury, HP22 9BJ

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Safes, Media Cabinets and Document Protection from 鮰0 to 嬰00


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 UK Company Profile
Safetyworks - fireproof safes, data safes, fire safes, filing cabinets and gun boxes.
 Safetyworks product index. Suppliers of data safes or cabinets and document protection products and second hand items.
We are major UK suppliers of fireproof safes and cabinets to protect company data and documents from the ravages
of fire, water, dust, magnetism, unauthorised access and theft, for the home, office or business.  These products are designed for 
all types of storage media with advanced shelving capable of holding cd-rom or cd-roms, data disc, floppy discs,  floppies, audio or 
video tapes, film cartridge, archive cartridges, archival films,  microfilm, flash media and zip, 3480, 3490, 3570, 3590, 4mm or
8mm tape, optical drives,vhs, dvd and dlt.  The secure back up of company records is vital if you are to survive a fire on 
the premises.  Normal storage cabinets and filing systems will not keep safe paper records that will withstand 170 c
before discolouration sets in. These ordinary storage cabinets or cupboard cannot therefore be relied upon for
data protection as extremely sensitive modern media suffers total data corruption much above 55 c.
A fire in your premises will result in loss of any original,  backup or  backups whether they be paper documents or
magnetic media. To protect your vital business records and valuables certain international testing authorities have been
set up to test and certify all aspects of data, paper, cash and jewellery security products. The larger testing authorities
are VDMA, LPCB, UL, SP, NT and JIS.  For data protection VDMA and UL have appropriate test certificates.
For paper protection the lesser sp, NT and JIS standards can be used. For cash or jewelery protection in cashsafes
the vdma, VDS, lpcb and ul standards are available. Datasafes are only designed to protect and insulate 
media products. The document fire proof cupboards, vertical or lateral files are only insulated for paper security
and will not protect data at all in a fire where a proper datasafe must be used with ratings such as s60dis or  s120dis
The 60 or 120 in these test cercificates is minutes of heating during the testing period. The dis or DIS is the certifictes
name is the heat resistant protection level obtained. ie was the firesafe able to keep the internal temperature below 50 c 
This level of fire prevention is described as a DIS rating. Firesafes that can only keep the internal temperature to 70 c
are described as having a D rating which is no longer accepted for the safety of the fragile modern media. If a fire product has a
P or p rating then it is only designed to limit the internal temperature to 170 c and is therefore only suitable for paper
protection. A free standing cashsafe, wallsafe or floorsafe is usually only designed for burglary protection although many
are now becoming available with fire certificates for paper protection.
 safetyworks, aylesbury, thame, oxfordshire, oxon, bucks, england, UK

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